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Electric Theatre Radio Hour featuring G.Lee: Radio & Music

9 SINGLE MOTHER BLUES (Closer To Country)

(George Douglas Lee)
August 26, 2017
George Douglas Lee

Single Mother Blues

Lyrics & Music by G. Douglas Lee 2004


C, F, G


C Deep in your heart F you love your children, G no matter what they do

C Sometimes you think you Dm hate them, because there’s G, G7 no time left for you

F You can barely get to G work on time, then Am rush back home at F five

C Alone, you do the hardest job, G giving F up your C life


C And the man they call their Dm father, would not F walk G inside your C shoes

C And he’ll never know how Am hard it is, F doing G what you C do

A Somehow you keep on Af going, G determined you won’t G7 lose

Mama gonna C  shine right through those G single mother C blues


“Rent for me, take me, buy for me, mama”, supper, homework, clothes

And day after day it never changes, disappointment grows

Daddy don’t show, and the child support is lost in the U. S. mail

You cry yourself to sleep again, so afraid that you will fail


And the man they call their father, would not walk inside your shoes

And he’ll never know how hard it is, doing what you do

Somehow you keep on going, determined you won’t lose

Mama gonna shine right through those single mother blues


F Family, job and Father Time, Fm all of them make demands

C You’re torn in ten directions, just E trying to make a C plan

A Spending money Af you don’t have, the G bills are piling high

C Time slips through your G aching fingers, F weekends G pass you C by


If you had the energy, you might think about a man

But you took a look around your life and you don’t believe you can

Maybe there’s someone out there, who’ll make you feel alive

But you can’t give what he’s looking for, and there isn’t any time


C Now it won’t bring you any Dm comfort, to F know you’re G not C alone

C Your Ex is drinking, Am lost his job, and F won’t leave G you C alone

A He’d fall right down and Af crawl just walking G one day in your shoes

C But you know that you are F tough enough

C To rise above the F Single Mother C Blues –

You’ve F paid your G share of C dues


You C force a bitter smile and tell F yourself that G it’s not C you

You’ll F Love those kids G forever, and do the C best that you F can C do F, G, C