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Electric Theatre Radio Hour featuring G.Lee: Radio & Music

2 I'M GONNA KEEP MY FORD (Closer To Country)

(George Douglas Lee)
August 26, 2017
George Douglas Lee

I’m Gonna Keep My Ford

George Douglas Lee 2009, © Copyright 2009, G. D. Lee


A I got a bone to pick, with the government

A For pushing me too far

A Regulating everything I do

A Trying to take away my car


E  Saddle up my mustang – D push the pedal to the floor

A To hell with the EPA – I’m gonna

E  keep   D  my   A  Ford


A What do I have to do? To get fifty MPG?

A A weed eater on wheels ain’t gonna do the trick for me


D I don’t want an Obama car that I plug into the wall

A That looks like a kitchen appliance and don’t make any sound at all


A Don’t squeeze me into a hybrid box, that can’t get up and go

A I want a lean machine that’s sexy – a thirty thousand dollar stereo


E Saddle up my mustang, D I’m a rebel to the core

A Gonna burn some gasoline, and

E keep   D  my  A  Ford


E I’ll find me a lonesome stretch of road, D crank it up and drive real fast

A I’ll leave my carbon footprint, in the middle of Al Gore’s ass




A The hypocrites in Washington, A are grabbing up control

A Of everything you do, my friend – A you’ve been bought and sold


A They want to dictate every action, A what to eat and what to drink

A I don’t need a nanny state to tell me what to think


E I’m married to my Mustang, D She’s sexy and she’s fast

A She’ll get up on her hind legs, as long as I can last


E When I get her top down and D slide behind the wheel

A Her engine growls and she starts to howl

And shove my piston into red hot G steel


Wedding March – G – D – G – G - C – G – D

G – D – G – C – D – G - A


A So I’ll wait and see what happens in this new USA

A Better get out while I can, before they take my car away


E Show me the highway, D wave goodbye to Mr. Gore

A I’ll try my luck in Mexico and

E  keep   D  my  A   Ford


E Saddle up my mustang, D push the pedal to the floor

A Call me a denier, I’m gonna


E  keep   D  my   A  Ford (All Sing)