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Electric Theatre Radio Hour featuring G.Lee: Radio & Music

Electric Theatre Radio Hour meets Gallery Speak

(Electric Theatre Radio Hour featuring G.Lee)
June 25, 2017
George Douglas Lee

After trying to keep up with the Radio Hour between surgeries and colds, I finally got round to doing this latest episode. Just as I released my first G.Lee Gallery Newsletter, The Gallerist, I was inspired to talk about the artworld from my perspective, after doing some reading and research into Jackson Pollock. Plus, I had an interview with Catherine Stroud, who is painting "public art" on the alley wall of the Oasis Juice Bar. More public art is springing up downtown, some very nice, some absurd and actually, contradictory to the goal of beautifying the buildings. Well, you live and learn! Then, I decided to add a song of the week, as we used to do here, and I chose "Puppeteer", one of my newest excursions into ABBA and Ace Of Base land, lots of synthesizer. I wrote the song and played all the instruments, with a great vocal by Sharis DeJaynes. Plus, I have one of my New from "Multi-Omni" Commercial parodies, "Cavity Wipes".


So, there you go. I'm going to try to record new shows on a weekly basis, instead of one day in a row. Have fun always!