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Electric Theatre Radio Hour featuring G.Lee: Radio & Music

12 BLACK HEART (Solar Bullet Album)

(george Douglas Lee)
January 27, 2010
George Douglas Lee

In the early 70's, epic rock songs - album cuts - were very popular. Long productions with lots of lead guitar, rhythym changes and drama were appearing next to the pop radio singles on most groups albums.  I had just joined the band "Uncle Jak" in Huntsville, TX and was writing furiously. We were one of the few bands at the time who were playing mostly original compostions and managed to get a lot of work. Black Heart became our signature tune.  Many who saw us during that time still ask about it, so a few weeks ago, I sat down and tried to recreate it as it was played back in 1973. Somewhere, there is a live recording of this song on reel-to-reel tape, but I've exhausted my options in trying to find it.  If I had it, it was lost in one of my many moves throughout the years.

Black Heart

Lyrics & Music by George Douglas Lee


I don’t want to say it but I think that I can

I was a fool for a feeling, she’s been cheatin’ with another man

And I just know that I, am gonna break down and cry, Oh baby…


When a love is lost, there’s nothing you can do

And I’ve tried, yes I’ve tried not to give in to the blues – but it’s no use


This revelation should not be a shock, I’ve really known it for a long time

I didn’t see it coming, though my expectation’s running high

I guess it’s better in the long run


There’s a rumor goin’ round, that she’s coming back to town

She’ll be spreading the heartbreak around

I can feel it in the wind, like the calm before a storm

I hear heartbreak, but there isn’t any sound


She was here before, but that was long ago, I fell too hard for her beguiling ways

With a kiss that broke my spirit, and eyes that told of promise

I will have to hide my heart away


Black Heart, left me needing, left me bleeding coming back for more

Black Heart, left me crying, left me dying on this killing floor


I’m turning my eyes looking to the setting sun, I know she’ll be returning from the West

They tell me that she hasn’t changed, She knows that she can win this game,

She’s coming back, it’s time to face the test


Black hearted woman, coming back to spit on my disgrace

Black hearted woman, time has come to put you in your place


I always believed in her, I was so naive

It took me much too long to find out she lives to deceive

If she has a heart at all, it’s bitter and it’s cold

I look into her eyes and see no soul


Black Heart, left me bleeding, left me needing, coming back for more

Black Heart, left me crying, left me dying on this killing floor


Now a new day is dawning, I see there’s little truth in hearsay

Black Heart will rule my life no more

The storm has passed me gently, hell is only as hot as you make it

I miss the challenge, she walked past my door